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Decatur & Avondale Residents
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Decatur & Avondale (Georgia) Residents' LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
1:55 pm
Does anyone have a therapist in the Decatur area they could recommend?
Monday, January 5th, 2009
12:10 pm
Looking for a good home?
I'm renting out one bedroom of my home at Talley Street Lofts (http://www.talleystreet.com/) for $450/month plus 1/2 utilities. I'm looking for at least a year lease, but shorter terms will be considered if I can't find a good yearly renter.

I can provide references from previous roommates about my reliability and sanity. Similarly, I will request references for your work and former residence. If you don't have a regular job, but are able to make payments through odd jobs or trust fund or whathaveyou, that's fine too, but I'll need a credit report in that case. I'm vegetarian but not picky; you can cook bacon as long as you air the kitchen out. I don't own a television, but feel free. It's not a large space, so pets would be problematic; they would either have to be small or (large-and-crated).

The spot is a nice treetop view, and has its own bathroom and walk-in closet. The individual room is mostly furnished (bed, table, and side-table), but you are welcome to bring your own pieces as well to add and/or replace. There is a washer, dryer, a kitchen with stone countertops, and hardwood floors. The condominium on the whole has a pool, a club room, a meeting room, a workout room, and recycling. We're located a block away from the Avondale MARTA station, and a 20 minute walk from downtown Decatur or DeKalb Farmer's Market. I work at Emory and take the shuttle, MARTA can get you to Georgia State or Tech, and we're walking distance from Agnes Scott and Columbia Seminary, so students are well-appointed. The building is gated, with video, and police regularly patrol, so it's a very safe area.

I usually have D&D on Friday nights, and occasionally have other gatherings, but am by no means a party animal.

Let me know when you'd like to stop by to see it! Thanks!

I do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, nationality, ethnicity, HIV status, or favorite television show. Unless, of course, your favorite show comes on at 1 AM and you have to play it loudly. Then we have problems.

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Monday, November 3rd, 2008
11:06 am
Yoga in Decatur
Can anyone recommend an affordable yoga class for beginners in Decatur?

Much obliged...

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
2:40 pm
Home available
Hello All,
I'm renting out one bedroom of my condo at Talley Street Lofts (http://www.talleystreetlofts.com/) for $450/month, plus half of utilities. Bedroom and living room are already furnished, and I have a great kitchen with plenty of amenities. It's less than 5 minutes to Decatur, down the block from a MARTA station, and just over 5 minutes to the DeKalb Farmer's Market. I usually walk to Decatur central, and catch the shuttle in to Emory, saving me a ton on parking. We also have an exercise room, a swimming pool, and random fun get-togethers.
Very small pets or crated and well-behaved larger pets would be allowed. Smokers and raucous partyers are right out. References of reliability are essential. I don't discriminate on the basis of gender, race, sexual preference, nationality, ethnicity, or favorite TV show. (Note: I don't own a TV.) I'm vegetarian, but I have no problem living with omnivores; just air out the kitchen if you make bacon.
Your new home is available immediately. I am aiming for at least half-a-year agreement, although if it comes down to the wire I might be able to accomodate a winter subletter. Please let me know when you'd like to stop by.

P.S. If anyone knows of an entry-level job, I'd also be interested in such.

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, February 17th, 2008
5:27 pm
My feather duster is on the fritz
Looking for reputable and thorough house cleaners  - anyone have someone they can recommend? I live in Decatur.


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Monday, January 14th, 2008
11:11 am
City of Decatur expanding
From today's AJC.com:
Decatur is exploring whether to annex a square mile of unincorporated DeKalb County, a move that could swell the city's population by more than a third, to 27,000, and add several revenue-generating commercial properties to its tax rolls.
The area being eyed includes a largely residential strip between Decatur and Avondale Estates. The proposal also calls for a small extension of the city's northern boundary that would pick up three shopping centers — Publix-anchored Emory Commons, Suburban Plaza and a Kroger-anchored shopping strip near DeKalb Medical.
Read the rest here.

As someone who lives in that area between Decatur and Avondale, I'm curious exactly which strip they're talking about. I can't find anything on the decaturga.com website - does anyone have any more info on this? I'm torn between wanting the benefits that come with being part of the city, and the fact our property taxes would skyrocket if we were annexed.

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
6:05 pm
Veterinarians for an old cat?
Hi folks --

We live in Decatur and would like to find a veterinarian. We have a cat who's around 13 years old and needs occasional attention from a good vet. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
8:44 am
Dry cleaner?
I just started a new job working from home, and I need to find a new dry cleaners - had a great by my former office in Duluth, but that's a bit far to go for cleaning... I've had good and bad experiences with dry cleaners, so I'm hoping to get a personal recommendation on one in Decatur or Avondale - anyone have a good experience in the area?
Friday, January 26th, 2007
6:21 pm
Coin operated car washes
Are there any self-service car washes around the mall in Decatur, preferably near N. Druid Hills & Clairemont? I need one with individual stalls, not something you drive through (this is so I can wash my motorcycles).

Saturday, December 30th, 2006
1:46 am
Dekalb Water Advisory - continue until Sunday?!
An update - the water advisory for Dekalb residents will continue until at least Sunday, it looks like.

More info at the AJC web site.

What a great way to start the year....

BTW, supposedly residents are supposed to be getting automated calls with a warning about the water, but I haven't gotten any - anyone here gotten one?

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Thursday, December 28th, 2006
2:47 pm
Decatur/Avondale residents - water advisory
From www.decaturga.com:

Boil Water Advisory Now in Effect

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2006 – DeKalb County officials have issued a "boil water" advisory for residents in Decatur and Avondale Estates due to a broken 36-inch water main in the 1700 block of Parkhill Drive, near Glenwood and Columbia drives. The water main broke Wednesday evening. County spokeswoman Kristie Swink says that residents in these areas are advised to boil water for one to three minutes prior to drinking or cooking until further notice.

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Thursday, November 16th, 2006
1:56 pm
Light yard work?
Can anyone recommend someone reliable to hire for occasional light yard work (raking, hedge trimming, weeding) in Decatur? 

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
3:10 pm
Help out Decatur businesses

Hey all - per this article in the AJC, the businesses on the non-street side of the Decatur MARTA station are REALLY hurting from a 50% business drop off, due to the MARTA construction.

There are some excellent little restaurants there, and I admit to being one of the former frequent visitors who has been deterred by the construction. It would be awful if when the construction is finally done, the existing businesses were gone!

Consider this a pledge, and a plea, to frequent those restaurants more often (Sage, Birdi's, the sushi place whose name I can never remember, some really great Thai place, and a few others.)

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2005
3:35 pm
Recycle your Christmas Tree

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

When making plans to recycle your Christmas tree, remember the official "Bring one for the Chipper" event on Sunday, Jan. 8.

Decatur residents may drop off live trees at the Tree Recycling Center at the Agnes Scott College parking lot. The entrance is between 184 and 206 S. Candler St. Residents may drop off trees from Monday, Dec. 26, through Sunday, Jan. 8.

Do not leave your Christmas trees anywhere else on the Agnes Scott Campus.

For more information about other solid waste and recycling services, call 404-377- 5571. Hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Recycling services and locations around the City of DecaturRecycling Tips

Updated! Recycling Map (PDF) 
Drop-off locations and pick-up services in or near the City of Decatur, updated and produced by the Waste Management Advisory Board.


Remember that your recycling must go into the red and green bins supplied by the City of Decatur. They are free and will be delivered to your door. Dreamsan (the private company that collects Decatur's recycling) is not expected to pick up any recycling that is not in one of these bins. Call the Sanitation Department, 404-377-5571, if you need additional bins.

Update from the Waste Management Advisory Board and Dreamsan (June 2005):

In 2002 new red recycling bins were introduced into the Decatur Recycling Program to separate glass commodities from all other recycling. Now, now thanks to improvements in recycling sorting technologies, glass no longer has to be sorted separately from the other commodities.

Today, the curbside recycling driver only has to separate newspaper from all other commodities on the recycling truck. All other items are sorted and separated at the Recycling Materials Processing Facility.

Residents are asked to separate their newspapers from all other recyclables, including junk mail, magazines, and catalogues. The separated newspaper may be placed alone in either the red or green bins.

For more information on Decatur's recycling program, please feel free to call the Public Works Department, 404-377-5571.

Remember to recycle:

  • Metal coffee cans
  • Tin cans (vegetable, soup, beans, cat food, etc.)
  • Glass bottles -- any color
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Junk mail and catalogs
  • White milk jugs
  • Clear and green plastic soda and water bottles
  • Chipboard (cereal boxes, six pack containers, shoe boxes, etc.)
  • All PET or No. 1 plastic containers
  • All HDPE or No. 1 plastic containers, including black planting trays and black plastic flower pots, bleach bottles, yellow plastic milk cartons, etc.

Remember for your garbage (food or anything with food or chemicals on it cannot be recycled):

  • Pizza boxes
  • Detergent boxes and plastic bottles
  • Paper milk cartons
  • Plastic bags from the grocery store

For a complete list of recyclable items, click here to view the Recycling User Guide (Open with Acrobat Reader). Info courtesy of Dreamsan, Inc.

Christmas Tree Recycling
When choosing a live Christmas tree, include plans to dispose of it at the Christmas Tree Recycling Center in the Agnes Scott College parking lot after the holidays. The entrance is between 184 and 206 South Candler Street.

Please do not leave Christmas trees anywhere on the Agnes Scott Campus. The Christmas Tree Recycling Center will be open for approximately two weeks after Christmas.

© City of Decatur, GeorgiaDisclaimerWeather & TempspacerP.O. Box 220, Decatur, GA 30031, 404-370-4100, 404-378-2678 (F)info@decaturga.com
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
9:44 am
Al Franken appearance
On Wednesday, November 30 at 7 PM in the Jimmy Carter Library, Al Franken will be appearing to promote his new book "The Truth (with Jokes)". The program is free, and is co-sponsored by Friends of the Georgia Center for the Book and A Cappella Books.
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